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RPA Construction Services is a general contractor, design/build, and construction management firm. Our management team possesses more than 100 years of experience in providing construction-related services to clients throughout the Midwest. We approach every client and project not merely as another revenue-generating "job," but as a unique opportunity to help you expand your business and better serve your customers. To this end, we work diligently to establish ourselves as true partners in your growth, not just vendors in your construction project.

The people you meet in your initial discussions with RPA Construction Services are the people who will guide your project on a daily basis. To be frank, we don't believe in "handing the job off" to other, less-experienced and less-familiar faces. It's not the way we would want to be treated and we suspect you'd prefer that your project be handled by our most qualified personnel as well. Every construction firm out there would like your business. That's no mystery. But we intend to earn your business by proving to you that we're qualified, cost-conscious and, most importantly, accountable for our work.

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Brick Building

List of Employees

Kent Piskulich — President/Project Manager
John Piskulich — Vice President/Project Manager
Trinity Hardin Pace — Controller
Jim Condon — Field Superintendent
Jason Cox — Field Superintendent
Mark Meyers — Field Superintendent
Steve Schneider — Field Superintendent